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Relationship Marketing In Action

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Relationship Marketing goes beyond getting your name out and letting the public know what you have to offer. You need programs that encourage customers to choose to spend their money in your business, in their local neighborhood. They  must set the business apart from the competition and of course contribute to the bottom line.

To quote Gary Vaynerchuk, “high touch marketing maintains old school values while using the latest tools to build relationships with customers”. Programs that allow businesses to reward customers and acknowledge special occasions in their lives are the best examples of old school values. They say thank you and encourage customers to come back and spend even more.

There are different approaches, all are based on building relationships. You are of course familiar with the airline points cards, now there are e-cards, customer appreciation programs and many, many more. These programs are easy to implement. Some are seamless, they use the internet and existing point of sale equipment to administer the points, others provide specialty gifts upon the redemption of a gift certificate.

Regardless of the model you choose, the objective is to keep your customers and make your business and community stronger.

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