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Community Based Marketing and Loyalty Programs for Small Business

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“A Primer on Community Based Marketing”

All the information you need to implement a Community Based Marketing Program

“A Primer on Community Based Marketing” is a guide to setting up cross promotional Marketing Programs. The programs are designed develop markets for small business and create long-term relationships in the community.

They are flexible and open to all businesses in a geographic area. They can be used to promote business, local fairs and municipal initiatives.

LocalBizConnex develops programs that encourage residents to Shop Local and support their community.

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“On the Road Again”

To borrow a line from the song, we are “On the Road Again” meeting small businesses in rural communities in Eastern Ontario. They are seeing the effects of drought, the cut back in the government employment and a general malaise from a slow economy.

They need something to inject some interest, excitement and enthusiasm into the local communities. One thing we can do is use our dollars to support them. Consider shopping and enjoying leisure activities in your rural area. Attend the local country fair, buy at the farmer’s market, support small business, we can make a difference. Small business is the backbone of the community.