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Community Based Marketing and Loyalty Programs for Small Business


New Coupon and Loyalty Programs for Small Business

Competition for the consumers dollars increases every day. Businesses now find that they must provide more and more incentives to get customers to spend their money in their stores. Coupon and Loyalty Programs that focus on your customer base, increase your competitive advantage.
Loyalty Programs for Small Communities2
Many strategies are available to reach out to this target market. Some of the most popular are ones that that allow businesses to reward customers and acknowledge special occasions in their lives. They are designed to reward customer spending and entice them to come back and spend even more. Most importantly, they build relationships.
Coupons and Loyalty Programs are proven ways to build these relationships. They influence customer behavior. Discounts and rewards work. According to an article on in 2012 the best results come from personalized discounts.
Loyalty Programs for Small Communities
Personalization comes from knowing who your customers are. Who is buying cosmetics, going on extended luxury vacations or is buying new furniture. Programs that let you learn more about your customers are worth their weight in gold.
To quote Gary Vaynerchuk, “high touch marketing maintains old school values while using the latest tools to build relationships with customers”. Too many businesses have forgotten that building a business is about building relationships.
Our Programs build on the traditional coupon and loyalty ideas and take them a step further. Customers sign up to get access to specialty programs. They receive their coupons via email or special mailings.

LocalBizConnex has  created Marketing tools that support small businesses and give them access to their target market. Take our short quiz to see how you stack up and visit us at to see the programs and services we offer.

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Consumers Changing Holiday Shopping Behavior To Rack Up More Rewards |

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Happy Holidays from LocaBizConnex

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Data from Cartera Commerce reveals 88 percent growth in online holiday sales driven through top miles, points and cash back sites – more than four times overall ecommerce growth….

Consumers Changing Holiday Shopping Behavior To Rack Up More Rewards |

Reward Programs are still going strong and are having an impact on how consumer dollars are being spent. Our Programs are designed for Small Businesses and focus on your target market, the residents in your Community.

Get a copy of our free eBook “The ABC’s of Loyalty Programs” for the information you need to implement one.

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Infographic: Inside the Holiday Shopping Forecast |

holiday shopping forecast

Shoppers are starting to get into the Christmas spirit according to the Holiday Shopping Retail Forecast from Infographic. See where and how they are spending their money.

Infographic: Inside the Holiday Shopping Forecast |

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